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Manual Labeler


    Universal charger: 100-240 v AC / 50-60 Hz

    Battery voltage: 3.6v

    Charging parameters: 6v / 1.7A

    Working time between charging: up to 10 hours

    Charging time: 2 hours

    Weight: 690 gr

    Tape width: 20; 30; 40; 50 mm

    Types of labels: paper, polypropylene, polyethylene

    Label thickness: 40-60 micron

    Label colors: any color except transparent

    Working speed: up to 300 labels per minute. Depending on the width and the size of the     labels


    Light weight

    Heavy duty

    Not connected to any pneumatic tube or electric cable

    The rate of labeling remains stable all along the use

    The size and shape of the labels limited only by the tape width

    Application needs only a light touch

    Delicate and smooth operation that keeps the products unharmed

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