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HD2 - Line Labeling system
Pattern packed


    Operating Speed: 320 labels/ minute per head 

    Number of arms: 1 or 2

    Number of applicators: up to 4 per arm

    Minimal centers distance : 59 mm

    Bellow extension: 100 mm

    Preprogrammed patterns: 24

    Patterns selection keys: 8

    A or B pattern detection: yes

    Types of labels: paper, polypropylene,polyethylene

    Power supply: 3 phases of 380v, zero,ground


    Barcode reader

    Any fixed predefined head arrangements

    To be supplied with conveyor belt


    Single pass labeling

    Gentle but firm application by use of air driven bellows

    High operating speed

    Narrow head profile

    Preprogrammed commonly used tray patterns

    Actual pattern selection by barcode or by selection keys

    Automatic recognition of "fruit ahead" or "fruit behind" patterns

    Reporting alarm conditions by light indicators and by onscreen     messages

    Simple and quick label cassette replacement